Revised January 2022

Any and all components of the guidelines may be changed, altered, deleted or discontinued at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors at any time. These guidelines are as complete as possible. However, they are not all inclusive. A circumstance may arise which will require decisions or action not currently stated in the guidelines. The Center reserves the right to deviate from the policies as required by the facts and circumstances in each case.


The main objective of Little Sprouts Children’s Center is to provide loving care for the children. This care includes abundant nurturing in a flexible and calm atmosphere and educational stimulation appropriate to each child’s development level. The following objectives are to be used as a guide for the Center’s general operation:

  1. To provide an environment that is secure, warm, and responsive, and that offers opportunities for experiences with a variety of activities and materials within a routine where cooperative play is encouraged.
  2. To provide a program for the children that:
    • Encourages and demonstrates optimal health, safety, and nutritional practices
    • Meets each child’s physical needs while encouraging independence in self-care
    • Enhances a positive self-concept
    • Provides an atmosphere in which children have respect for others
    • Facilities the development of social skills
    • Facilitates physical development and skills
    • Encourages language development
    • Fosters an active curiosity about the world and an enthusiasm for learning which stimulates exploratory behavior and creative expression
  3. To be supportive of parents and to encourage their involvement and communication to strengthen family life.
  4. To help children grow stronger and healthier while having fun!
  5. Develop preschool readiness skills

We encourage parents to participate; you are the principal influence in your child(s) life. We look to you as our greatest resource in developing a program for your child.

Choosing a quality childcare program is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. We take your decisions very seriously and are committed to living up to the important responsibility of caring for your child. We invite you to visit Little Sprouts any time and feel free to ask questions, or make suggestions. Should any problems arise concerning your child, please contact the Director.

As the parents, we ask that you…

  • Inform the center if someone other than the mother or father will be picking up the child and inform that person they will need proof of identification in order to pick up the child. Provide any special food or clothing (for inclement weather to play outdoors) the child will need.
  • Report any change in address or phone numbers to the center.
  • Submit weekly schedules by Thursday at 8:00 AM.(See Schedules)
  • Submit timely payments for services. Due weekly on Fridays. (See Payment Policy) Submit all state required paperwork for your child on a yearly basis. (This includes immunization updates, annual updates, yearly physicals completed by a doctor through age 5) It is very important to the center to keep the children’s file up to code in order for our annual inspection.
  • Provide all Infant items needed (bottles, diapers, wipes, extra clothes)

Child Abuse

All Little Sprouts employees are Mandatory Reporters of child abuse and receive training in identifying abuse. This is a state requirement. Iowa code requires that every employee of a licensed daycare facility, who in the course of employment, reasonably believes a child has suffered physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect, shall immediately report the suspected abuse directly to the Department of Human Services.

Any Mandatory Reporter, who in good faith, makes a report of a child abuse or participated in the investigation of a child abuse, has immunity from any liability

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Little Sprouts seeks your help in the effort to keep all children healthy and free of contagious disease. It is our goal to maintain an environment that is healthy, clean and safe for the children attending Little Sprouts. We can cut down on the spread of germs here at Little Sprouts by keeping ill children from attending daycare. For the protection of the children and staff, parents are asked not to bring a sick child to Little Sprouts.

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